What does "signing an app with platform key" mean?

The Android system requires that all installed applications be digitally signed with a certificate whose private key is held by the application's developer. Android uses this certificate to identify the author of an app.

Platform Signing:

Most of the prebuilt applications are signed with the platform signatures. Platform signed applications have more privileges which are not granted to 3rd party applications (installed through play store or side loaded).
If a third party should manage to take a platform key without knowledge or permission of vendor, that person could sign and distribute applications that maliciously replace our authentic applications or corrupt them. Such a person could also sign and distribute applications under the identity of that vendor that attack other applications or the system itself, or corrupt or steal user data.


Platforming signing is always a sensitive task. Like giving somebody your private office key.
Please be noted we will setup a proof concept and process to provide such a function to selected customers. We keep the right declining requests.

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