How to subscribe an ENTERPRISE to a service
Step1:Login to the eds portal with "ecomAdmin" privileges by providing valid credentials

Provide email id in the username field
Password-Must be 8 chars with 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 number and 1 special character

Step2:Search for an Enterprise in the search text box

Step3:Select the Enterprise for which service needs to be subscribed

Step4:Click on the service tab

Step5:Click on the Available tab

Step 6:Basic and Advance Management service should be present

Step7:Click on the Subscribe button for both Basic and Advance Management
Step 8:A message ‘Service added successfully’ is displayed

Step 9:Click on the Subscribed tab

Step 10:Once the Basic Management is subscribed, the eCSL and Others tab show up.

Step11:Open eMDM can be accessed when Advanced management is subscribed.

Step 12:Service is now subscribed successfully to the enterprise

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