How to Add a service to a profile with license and config file?

Note: Depending on type of service, the apk, license and config file must be present with ecom admin and the service should be added in the portal.

Step 1: Login to the eds Portal with 'Ecom/Production/It admin' privileges with valid credentials

Step 2: Search for an Enterprise in the search text box

Step 3: Select the enterprise for which Profile needs to be Created:

Step 4: Click on Corporate profile tab:

Step 5: Click on the +Add button

Step 6: Click on the service tab

Step 7: Click on the configure button

Step 8: Click on the +Add service button


Step 9: Select the service that needs to be added and click on Add button

Note: The service should be added successfully.

Step 10: Enter the profile name and select the device from the drop down and click on save button

Step 11: Go to Pending profile tab:

Step 12: Click on Approve button for the profile that is created and enter the Remark in the Text box and Click OK

Step 13: Click on Yes on the Dialog prompt to upload a license file

Step 14:Click on the Upload button under the License tab.

Step 14: Enter the File name and browse for the license file and click on Add button

Step 15: Click on Upload button for config file

Step: 16 Enter the file name and browse for the config file and click on the Add button.

Step 17: Once the License and config are uploaded, go to Pending profiles tab and click on Orderable button and enter the ERP Article ID and click OK

Profile is created successfully

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