Why are 2 agents (NIX and eDS-AGENT) used for eDS PORTAL enrollment?

What is NIX agent

  1. This is the device provisioning application by 42gears.
  2. This application is hosted on to Google play store.
  3. This application has all the text and images related to 42gears.

What is eDS-AGENT

  1. This is a customized version of NIX agent.
  2. This application is NOT hosted on Google play store. This is available in ECOM internal server
  3. This application is customized with ECOM specific text and images.


When is NIX agent pushed and installed to the device?

As part of android zero touch enrollment, the device provisioning application is pushed onto the device, when the device is first booted. The device provisioning application has to be available on Google Play Store for the zero touch enrollment system to download the application from the store.

To fulfill the requirement for the device provisioning application, 42gears has hosted their NIX agent to the google play store. This application will be pushed to any device which is enrolled for Android Zero touch using 42gears solution.

Why is eDS-AGENT installed to the device?

eDS-AGENT is just a customized version of NIX client. ECOM has requested 42gears to provide this client with all the text and icon/image modification based on ecom requirements. There are no other changes as per the package name or the functionality of this application. Even the application signature of this application is same as that of NIX application.

Once the NIX agent is downloaded and installed on the device, NIX application in turn start downloading the eDS-AGENT from the ecom app portal. Once downloaded, it installed this application and as this is just a customized version of NIX agent, it gets updated to eDS-AGENT application.

Once the device is enrolled and ready to use, end user will only see eDS-AGENT installed on the device and not the NIX agent. It is just during the initial enrollment process that for few minute NIX agent is displayed to the user. Once it is upgraded to eDS-AGENT, end user can only see ecom customized version eDS-AGENT available on the device.



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