How to login eDS PORTAL first time
To login to eDS PORTAL you need to get an account assigned by your P+F Sales Person.
Creating an account by user itself is not possible.

To login to eDS PORTAL first follow steps below

1. Wait until you receive ACCOUNT ACTIVATION email. This is to verify that provided email address is vaild
2. Press on ACTIVATE ACCOUNT button. Please perform that action within 72h- The provided tokemn is only valid for taht point of time. In case token is invalid please get back to youu sales person to resend activation email with new token.

1. Check to ACCEPT privacy policy and used cookies

1. After pressing on ACTIVATE ACCOUNT button, your browser will open and point to following URL
2. Press on LOGIN

1. Login with the provided email adress
2. Use the ONE TIME PASSWORD provided via email from you P+F sales person.

1. During first login you will be directly advised to change your ONE TIME PASSWORD. Please type in that password
2. Create your own password containing 8 digits, one number, one special character

1. Login to eDS PORTAL using your Email Address
2. Use your self created password

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